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Do you want a professional RFID Laundry Tags source supplier?

1. AIRSEC laundry tags innovation.

We design and produce 3 series of RFID laundry tags, including TexLaundry series, SiliLaundry series and RoLaundry series. So you can choose any material or design laundry tags as you like.

New innovation laundry tags prodcuts
roll type textile laundry tags photo

'RoLaundry' Series

This is an innovation product of roll type laundry tags for auto sewing machine.

Application and Operation like…

Textile with RFID tags will become smart, because it brings fast and easy management. So just sewing, pouched, embed our laundry tags.

2. Who we are? What we can do?

AIRSEC is a professional RFID laundry tags manufacturer from China. 

2019 Annual Selling Pieces
2019 Annual Growth 78%

3.AIRSEC provides global supply for RFID laundry tags.

AIRSEC RFID laundry tags are specially designed to meet the tracking requirements of the laundry industry and uniform management in hotels or hospitals etc. Becasue they are easily affixed onto textile products using a standard sewing process. After that, the laundry tags can be sewed along the edge of the item or embedded into the item, and can withstand washing, dry clean as well as high temperature sterilization.

Please visit our website www.airsec-eas.com to get more information.

You may have several choices for laundry tags.

  1. Textile laundry tags, also called woven laundry tags. Material is fabric.
  2. Silicon laundry tags. Material si silicon.
  3. Button tags. Material is ABS or PC plastic.
  4. Other laundry tags.
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AIRSEC has 3 series of RFID UHF laundry tags.

  1. TexLaundry Series, including TexLaundry 7015, TexLaundry HS and TexLaundry 6520.
  2. SiliLaundry Series, including SiliLaundry M, SiliLaundry L and SiliLaundry Basic.
  3. RoLaundry Series.

Laundry Tags are named very diffrently in different countries and regions. So we can say wash tag, wash care label and fabric label. At the same time, we can also say by material, textile laundry tag, woven laundry tag and silicon laundry tag. However, if we say RFID laundry tag or UHF laundry tag, that means smart laundry tag with chip inside.

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