Three Kinds of Tags for EAS Security Systems You Should Know

Airsec supplies a very comprehensive EAS tags for worldwide partners, including various EAS hard tags and soft labels. Not only that, but we also provide some self-alarming tags. These tags can work without the antenna, and if someone cuts the wire, it will immediately issue an alarm.
Airsec has been working on the development of higher quality and competitive price EAS loss prevention tags to meet the protection of various products under different security situations.   

Soft Label

The soft label is a disposable paper thin self-adhesive tag. It has good adhesion and can be easily attached to the merchandise. Soft labels come are available in a variety of frequencies, styles, sizes, and shapes for different kinds of merchandises.

  • Frequency: 8.2MHz/58Khz
  • Compatible with all AM/RF systems
  • Optimized circuit design
  • Colors: White (black)
  • Application: supermarket, cosmetics store, bookstore, etc.

Hard Tag

Variety of hard plastic tags are suitable for different merchandises. And the most important thing is that it is reusable. They are usually used to protect apparel. But if you match the lanyards to the hard tags, then they are also a good security protector for bags, shoes, etc.

  • Frequency: 8.2MHz/58Khz
  • Compatible with all AM/RF systems
  • Color: Gray or white (black)
  • Tough, secure & reusable
  • Application: supermarket, clothing store, etc.

Alarming Tag

This AM or RF alarming security tags have 2~3 ways to alarm, usually used to protect those very expensive and high-value merchandises.

  1. It triggers the security gate alarm when it passes.
  2. The tag continues to self-alarm when it has passed the security gate detection area.
  3. It will immediately alarm itself once someone cuts its wire.

Let’s start

It doesn’t matter whether you need a quotation or some samples. Just contact Airsec and let’s talk about your security tagging requirement. Looking forward to our long-term cooperation!

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