The Hottest Retail Security Trends of 2019

Shoplifting is usually defined as a “petty crime”. But with the cost of a shoplifting increases, the harm to retailers is hardly “petty”. Unfortunately, inventory loss is still a serious problem. So every retailer should focus on the trends and future of retail security and understand how to make the best preparation and counterattack.

Planning for the future

We all know that prevention is better than treatment and certainly cheaper. If we can start designing crime prevention now, once these systems are up and running, we don’t have to consider spending money to try and design them.

Technological Advances in Retail Security

RFID Technology

Some retailers first began to use RFID tags (or radio frequency identification) as a way to track inventory. And it has the added benefit of reducing employees. RFID tags work in the same way as RF (or radio frequency) tags. If someone tries to leave the store without paying, they will send out an alarm.

The difference is that the RFID tag provides detailed information about each item. Retailers can accurately see which items are missing, their location in the supply chain, and when they disappear.

This suite of information is especially useful for preventing employee theft. The ability to identify lost items helps to identify the source of the theft. Knowing that inventory can be monitored so closely that employees are not encouraged to steal.

Washable electronic barcodes can be woven directly into a garment by the manufacturer. This makes it almost impossible to remove them. They can also provide information about the entire lifecycle of the garment, such as the date of manufacture and the place of purchase.

Security Cameras

Many stores use CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras as retail security measures. They can provide 24-hour monitoring and are very good at preventing both employees and shoppers theft. If the item is stolen, you can get a video clip of the shoplifter to help identify the thief and assist in the prosecution.

A new feature has emerged in using CCTV to enhance its loss prevention abilities. Facial recognition technology helps stores identify known shoplifters as soon as they enter the store.

How does it work? Image of known shoplifters are entered into the database. The camera scans the face of each person entering the store. If the previous shoplifter enters, the system can match their facial image to the database and alert the store to security.

Security personnel can find the person in the shop and approach or observe them. If the store had previously banned individuals from entering the store, they could ask them to leave.

GPS Tracker

Another technology retail security trend is the use of GPS trackers. Because of their high cost, this method is more suitable for high-value goods. They help prevent theft by both employees and shoppers.

Trackers can be packaged in certain commodities. Items can be monitored during entire transportation until they are on the shelf. This monitoring can prevent theft by employees during transportation.

If someone takes items to leave the store without payment, the GPS tracker can alert the store to security. You can track and arrest shoplifters and quickly recover your merchandise.

EAS Technology

For retailers around the world, EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is still the most popular and effective weapon against shoplifting. It can help you catch the thieves on the spot.

How does EAS work? The antenna forms an invisible door at the exit of the store. And the security gate can detect any active tag passing by.

Security tags are attached to every product to be protected. When someone tries to leave with a product that has not been paid, it will be detected by the antenna and an alarm will be sent to remind the clerk to take the next step.

Explore Our Anti-theft Solutions

Exploring our security solutions for retail security can be complex and overwhelming. New technological innovation is always developing. But the most cost-effective and successful systems adopt a multifaceted strategy.

Check out our loss prevention guide for an overview of effective anti-theft systems. We offer a wide range of products so that you can safely display your goods and deter the loss of inventory to theft.

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